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7th July 2022 - 19th October 2022

Music Trains are back in 2022 ....

The CRP now have a full programme of Music Trains on the Mid Cheshire Line through to October. The news is gradually getting around that we are back in business so numbers are building up. There will be monthly Music Trains from Chester to Plumley or Knutsford until October plus Music Trains from Altrincham to Chester in July and September.

July Music Trains

Thursday 7 July – from Altrincham to Alexanders in Chester with Pastry Shoes on the train and Shadetree Mechanics at Alexanders

This is the first Music Train from Altrincham to Chester since 2019.

Pastry Shoes are playing on the train to Chester and back. ‘With sweet and compelling female vocals and harmonies, a single guitarist who skilfully creates the sounds of a full band, and the smooth, melodic tones of the tenor sax, Pastry Shoes will soothe you with easy-listening and familiar jazz and swing numbers, or have you singing to popular hits from the 1950's to the present day’. Shadetree Mechanics are playing at Alexanders . ‘A three piece blues band playing music written by Guitarist Rob Poole and bass player Roger Fawcett with a sprinkling of well know classics that are as comfy as old slippers. Drummer Bob Berg completes the trio with a solid backbeat groove. Music to your ears.’

How it works

You will need a booking with Alexanders and a train ticket. The Alexanders package deal covers the music and food at Alexanders as well as taxis from the station at Chester to Alexanders and back. You book online at www.alexanderslive.com  (You can find and book the Music Trains under 'Book Tickets’). On Music Train nights the menu is bangers'n mash with peas and gravy. You buy your train ticket from the platform ticket machine and at Chester you can also buy it from the ticket office. If there isn’t a ticket machine at your station or if the machine isn’t working then you can buy a ticket from the conductor on the train. (Music Train leaves Altrincham at 19:10, return leaves Chester at 22:52. You can also get on and off the train at intermediate stations).

Wednesday 13 July – Chester to Plumley and at the Golden Pheasant with the Time Bandits and Dave Vaughan

The Time Bandits are musical time travellers, ‘raiding and pilfering over 500 years of musical material for a modern audience’. They mix Renaissance dance music with traditional folk tunes and songs - and their own compositions. Dave Vaughan is a well-known singer of English traditional folk songs. There is no charge for the Music Train itself, though there is a collection on the way back for Time Bandits and you will need a train ticket. (Music Train leaves Chester at 19:00 and the return train arrives back in Chester at 23:15. You can also get on and off the train at intermediate stations).

Music Train Programme – August to October

Wednesday 24 August – Chester to Plumley and at the Golden Pheasant with Full House

Thursday 1 September – Altrincham to Chester and at Alexanders with Geoff Higginbottom and Rob Carroll on the train and Dave Roberts Jazz Trio at Alexanders

Wednesday 21 September – Chester to Plumley and at the Golden Pheasant with Pastry Shoes

Wednesday 19 October – Chester to Knutsford and at the Angel with Run for Cover Band

Risk of disruptions

Although we can now run Music Trains again, COVID has not gone away and is still a risk. And at the time of writing train services might also be affected by staff shortages or industrial action. There is therefore always a possibility that a Music Train might have to be cancelled at short notice. In that case you would receive an email notification if you are on the CRP mailing list and a note would be put on the Community Rail Partnership website and its social media accounts. We are on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

Groups on Music Trains

Groups are very welcome to join the Music Trains. If you plan to bring a group of 8 or more people on a Music Train from Chester to Plumley or Knutsford, please use our contact page in advance about your plans so that we can agree a date or dates. That way we can avoid having too many groups on one evening. If you plan to bring a group on the Music Trains from Altrincham to Alexanders in Chester then just go ahead and book online with Alexanders. There is a maximum of 45 places available.

We are also happy to arrange extra Music Trains for groups of 30 or more people on weekdays. They can be in the daytime or in the evening. The costs are the train ticket and a contribution to a collection for the band – there is no extra charge for arranging the Music Train or the music. Contact the CRP for more information about the possibilities and to discuss possible dates.

More information

Watch on this website. Follow Mid Cheshire CRP on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Or, get in touch with is from our contact page


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